Wednesday, November 16th
Clear Sky - Wind: 11.5 Mph
30.6 °F

11/11/21 The BoatWrX Weekend Fishing Forecast

Water Conditions


Clarity: Some stain the river and creek arms the water on the main lake is clear.

Water Temp 57˚-60˚ Main Lake, 58˚-62˚ River Arms

Current Pool: 917.00’ to 915.00’, Current Lake Level: 915.94’ slightly rising

Generation: very light generation


Be prepared for morning fog with the cooler temperatures.


Weather Conditions

Friday November 12, 2021

A brief shower in the morning; otherwise, clouds giving way to some sun and chilly

Temp: Hi 49˚ Low 28˚

Wind: WNW 10-17 mph

Dig out the crankbait and get to covering water. Throw a RockCrawler or wiggle wart. Go into creeks or coves and look for steeper banks with underwater ledges or larger rock. Don’t overlook the channel swings in the creeks as well. Use the wind and cloud cover to get bites all day long. It takes covering water to get the bites but these fish will bite all day long and are better quality.


Saturday November 13, 2021

Mostly sunny and chilly

Temp: Hi 47˚ Low 40˚

Wind: WNW 6-9 mph

The football bite is gaining momentum and seems to be getting more consistent. They want the bait right on the bottom. The fish can vary from 10’-35’ feet deep it just depends on the day. If you find a brushpile or rock pile on a gravel point target that. This bite is slowly improving and 2-3 fish can be caught on the same point. The Jewel 5/8oz football has been the jig of choice to cover these depth ranges


Sunday November 14, 2021


Blend of sun and clouds

Temp: Hi 53˚ Low 34˚

Wind: NW 6-9 mph

Drop shot fish seem to be the most consistent bite on the lake. These fish seem to be from 25’-50’ deep. The fish seem to be wanting the small finesse worms. Zoom finesse worm or the cut tail worm seem to be working the best. On the main lake go to the long gravel points and if you see fish on your graph start there. The fish are relating close to the bottom but can also be in trees.

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