Wednesday, November 16th
Scattered Clouds - Wind: 15.01 Mph
39.3 °F

11/27/20 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast Brought to you by Boat WrX

Water Conditions
Clarity: clear
Water Temp: 56˚-59˚
Lake Level: 917.1’
Generation: minimal
Advisory-there is a good chance of fog each morning
Weather Conditions

Friday November 27, 2020
Temp: Hi 54˚ Low 30˚
Wind: N 7-10 mph
Fish are suspended 15-35’ deep over trees. Throw a 2.5-3.5” swimbait around these deep trees. In major
creeks and river arms look for shad and use the same swimbait or a jerkbait with a steady retrieve for
suspended fish. Find steeper channel swing banks, towards the back end of a creek. Hold the boat 20-
30’ deep and cast toward the bank, the fish will be in 5-20’ deep.

Check Out the Mid Indian Point Map for likely areas

Saturday November 28, 2020
Mostly sunny
Temp: Hi 53˚ Low 33˚
Wind: NE 5-7 mph
With the northeast wind look for fish to be neutral and less aggressive. Use a finesse jig or shaky head
on mixed rock or ledge rock banks from 5-25’ deep. This being a post front day use a PB&J finesse jig.
Keep the bait on the bottom and moving slow. Using the same jig in the same depth range look for fish
around larger docks.

Check out the Upper Aunt’s Creek Map for likely areas

Sunday November 29, 2020
Periods of rain and cloudy.
Temp: Hi 51˚ Low 27˚
Wind: NW 5-10 mph
If it rains enough during the day look for water coming into the lake in creek arms. Use a spinnerbait,
bladed jig, small swimbait or finesse jig in the runoff water to trigger aggressive strikes. With the cloudy
weather and temps cooling try a wiggle wart on steeper banks with wood cover during and after the

Check out the Upper Cow Creek Map for likely areas

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