Saturday, November 19th
Clear Sky - Wind: 9.22 Mph
23.0 °F

11/4/21 Boat WrX Weekend Fishing Forecast

The BoatWrx Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast

Water Conditions


Clarity: Some stain the river and creek arms the water on the main lake is clear.

Water Temp 59˚-64˚ Main Lake, 59˚-64˚ River Arms

Current Pool: 917.00’ to 915.00’, Current Lake Level: 915.78’ steady

Generation: 3-4 hours of moderate generation multiple times per day


Be prepared for morning fog with the cooler temperatures.


Weather Conditions

Friday November 5, 2021

Mostly sunny and remaining cool

Temp: Hi 54˚ Low 34˚

Wind: SSE 6-8 mph

Sunny and calm dig out the football jig. Fish have begun to move up in better numbers as the water temperatures have dropping. It’s still bounce around until you find the fish but the groups of fish are getting better. The fish can be shallow or deep and that varies from day-to-day, but right now 12’-16’ deep seems to be a sweet spot. Use the Pee Wee or the Jewel 5/8oz football jig. Dragging the jig is the standard technique but also try scrubbing the bait on the bottom especially if you get a bite or two.

Check Out the Beardsley Map for likely locations

Saturday November 6, 2021

Plenty of sun

Temp: Hi 61˚ Low 41˚

Wind: SW 5-8 mph

Light wind sunny day go to the docks to find fish. Shad do not seem to have to present but it does not hurt if they are around. This bite seems to be specific to certain docks but it changes almost daily. There are two jig options for this bite. A Jewel Pro Spider jig or the 5ive Fish Lures Ultimate Finesse jig. Start on docks in the back third of the creek or pocket. Fish the shallow side of the dock fish or behind the dock along the walkway, then work out deeper. Once the depth of the fish is found it should be repeatable. If you find a dock that has fish you can go back to the dock later in the day and probably get another bite.

Check Out the Kennel Branch Map for likely locations

Sunday November 7, 2021


Plenty of sun

Temp: Hi 66˚ Low 43˚

Wind: SSW 6-9 mph

Look for shad in the creek arms once located use a rockcrawler to catch fish in 6’-12’ of water. This is still a hunt and peck deal. There are some shad in some pocket and others have none. After several days of southerly winds check creeks and pockets on the north side of the lake first. There seems to be two bite windows on sunny days with the crankbait. One is early in the morning before the sun gets up. Then the second is in the early afternoon after the sun warms the water and pushes the shad closer to the surface. Look for wind and shad and you’ll find the fish. If the fish are in less than 6’ of water try a square bill to catch the fish.

Check Out the Cedar Cove Map for likely locations

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