Wednesday, November 16th
Scattered Clouds - Wind: 15.01 Mph
39.3 °F

11/5/20 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast

Water Conditions


Clarity: clear with some stain

Water Temp: 62˚-65˚

Lake Level: 916.8’

Generation: Light


Weather Conditions

Friday November 6, 2020


Temp: Hi 69˚ Low 47˚

Mostly clear

Wind: SE 5-8 mph

Fishing has been tough and this light wind with some east will be challenging as well. Key on 45˚ mixed banks with wind, it is best where pea gravel and chunk rock mix. Use a jewel pee wee football jig on main lake points look for the fish to be from 6-20 feet deep. With the water stabilized from the rain key on shad in the backs of creeks and use topwaters. The sun should help keep the shad high in the water column.

There are some deep fish starting to show up on Main Lake Points around 35′-45′, drop shot rigs and swimbaits have been working.

Check Out the Big Cedar Map for likely locations.

Saturday November 7, 2020


Temp: Hi 70˚ Low 57˚

Wind: SE 6-8 mph

Look for shallow fish with a finesse jig or pee wee football jig on 45˚ mixed or chunk rock banks. Look for active surface fish and use a topwater. Pitch a jig to shallow wood cover up the major creek arms.

On main lake points with clear water use a football jig and keep the boat in 25’ of water then make long casts to the shallower water.

Check Out the Kennel Branch Map for ideal locations.

Sunday November 8, 2020

Mostly cloudy and warm

Temp: Hi 71˚ Low 61˚

Wind: SSE 7-10 mph

This could be the best day of the weekend to fish. Use a wiggle wart or rockcrawler on channel swings or 45˚ mixed or chunk rock banks with wind. Also cast finesse jig or shaky head to these same type of banks. Use a football jig and position the boat in 20-25 feet of water and cast shallow. Find windy areas with shad and cast a spinnerbait or buzzbait.

Check out the Point 16 Map for likely locations.

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