Wednesday, November 16th
Scattered Clouds - Wind: 15.01 Mph
39.3 °F

12/17/20 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast brought to you by BoatWrX

Water Conditions


Clarity: clear

Water Temp: 51˚-54˚

Lake Level: 914.2’

Generation: steady 


Weather Conditions

Friday December 18, 2020

Sun with some clouds

Temp: Hi 54˚ Low 42˚

Wind: S 7-13 mph

Look for shallower fish by using a wiggle wart on 45˚ banks, try to find some water with at least slight stain. Keep the trolling motor down and cover water, key on wind-blown banks.

Check out the Cedar Cove Map for likely areas


Saturday December 19, 2020

Some sun then turning cloudy

Temp: Hi 48˚ Low 30˚

Wind: W 7-10 mph

Wind out of the west fishing is the best. This could be one of the last chances to catch fish on a spinnerbait before winter. Fish the spinnerbait slow but cover a lot of water. Tandem willow leaf with a white skirt and a strand or two of chartreuse. Also try the Jewel Gem Blade. Fish it slow on windy banks. Do not expect a lot of fish but the ones that bite will be quality.

Check Out the Viola Map for likely areas

Sunday December 20, 2020


Temp: Hi 52˚ Low 37˚

Wind: WNW 8-13 mph

This will be a post front day making it tough. The most consistent fish are suspended 15-35’ in trees that are in 40-60’ of water. Throw a 2.5-3.5” swimbait around these deep trees. The best way to get to these fish is by using a 1/2oz to 3/4oz lead head. It is a very light bite, so if it feels weird set the hook and trust the electronics. Look for these fish in bigger creek arms locate shad on the graph, especially in the guts of the creeks halfway back.

Check Out the Beardsley Map for likely locations

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