Saturday, November 19th
Clear Sky - Wind: 9.22 Mph
23.0 °F

12/23/21 Boat WrX Weekend Fishing Forecast

The BoatWrx Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast

Water Conditions


Clarity: The rains last week put some stain in the lake.

Water Temp 53˚-56˚ Main Lake, 52˚-55˚ River Arms

Current Pool: 915.00’, Current Lake Level: 914.90’

Generation: overall moderate but it varies between heavy and light generation



Weather Conditions

Friday December 24, 2021

Breezy and warm with partial sunshine

Temp: Hi 67˚ Low 58˚

Wind: SW 15-29 mph

The most consistent bite on Table Rock for the last 7 weeks has been the deep bite. The fish will bite better on some days than others but in general they are ready to be caught. Using electronics find shad in the guts of creeks with active fish around them. In general 50’-60’ deep has been where the fish are most active but they could be in 50’ of water or over as much as 120’ of water. It depends on the day as to what bait the fish will eat the best. Keitech 2.8 or a Damiki rig are usually a good place to start. Then either a Jewel scuba spoon or ice bait. The drop-shot has been last resort and the least effective but it still will get bites on some days.

Check out the Big Cedar Map for likely locations

Saturday December 25, 2021

Breezy and warm with periods of clouds and sunshine

Temp: Hi 71˚ Low 22˚

Wind: W 15-30 mph

Merry Christmas. Enjoy the day with the family


Sunday December 26, 2021


Remaining warm with partial sunshine

Temp: Hi 70˚ Low 51˚

Wind: SE 8-22 mph

Third day of a warming trend in the winter usually means good things. Get out the new VIRTUS Wart/Crawler rod you got for Christmas and get to cranking. The lake will be stabilized after the rain the water temperatures should be the same way. Cover lots of water with a wiggle wart or rockcrawler, fish wind-blown banks and if you get a bite fish that area fish it thoroughly because there will be more than one active fish there.

Check out the Whites Branch Map for likely locations

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