Tuesday, January 18th
Clear Sky - Wind: 8.05 Mph
56.6 °F

1/13/22 Boat WrX Weekend Fishing Forecast

The BoatWrx Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast

Water Conditions


Clarity: slight stain the back of creeks

Water Temp 49˚-51˚ Main Lake, 48˚-51˚ River Arms

Current Pool: 915.00’, Current Lake Level: 914.71’

Generation: overall light to medium but it varies between heavy and little generation



Weather Conditions

Friday January 14, 2022

Cooler with intervals of clouds and sun

Temp: Hi 47˚ Low 34˚

Wind: SE 7-20 mph

This could be a good day to throw the Wart or Crawler. Some wind, some sun, some clouds and a day before the front. The fish should be shallow and eat. Cover lots of water don’t get stuck in one area too long use the wind to your advantage. The fish are not really choking the wart so lots of fish are on the back hook. Don’t force the fish to the boat. The more color the water has the brighter bait should be used. A little splash or flash of color does not hurt at all. Steeper and chunkier rock banks seem to be better and the same thing applies if you get a bite there are usually more in that in immediate area.

Check Out the Viney Creek Map for likely locations

Saturday January 15, 2022

Colder with 4-8” of snow

Temp: Hi 34˚ Low 19˚

Wind: NNE 7-20 mph

If you brave the weather and the ramps are safe this is looking like a Table Rock winter fishing day. Some giant bags of fish have been caught on a Jerkbait in snow storms. Some people say is the snow itself and how it breaks up the clear water others it’s just the front. Regardless throw the Jerkbait. Fish the wind you can throw it around timber or traditional areas of steeper banks. Just use the wind. It seems having a little pause is best for the Jerkbait right now. Not too long but not a steady jerk-jerk-jerk either. If the Jerkbait is not happening a good back up is the A-rig in the same areas, but also look for fish in standing timber or brushpiles.

Check out the Cedar Cove Map for likely locations

Sunday January 16, 2022


Partly sunny

Temp: Hi 35˚ Low 24˚

Wind: NW 6-14 mph

Post front still windy it could be a tough bite day. Get out a Jewel Pro Spider jig and fish steeper or ledge rock banks. Fish the bait really slow and keep it pinned to the bottom. Brown and purple with a green pumpkin trailer that is not too crazy with movement. Keep it simple the water temps have dropped a good bit in the last week so the bite is light. If something feels weird set the hook, it has been tough to detect a bite on the jig. The fish are generally 10’-25’ deep, and usually in the 10’-15’ range.

Check out the Whites Branch Map for likely locations

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