Sunday, June 26th
Scattered Clouds - Wind: 14.97 Mph
81.9 °F

6/23/22 Boat WrX Weekend Fishing Forecast

The BoatWrx Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast

Water Conditions


Clarity: Lower end is very clear. Mid lake has a slight stain rivers arms have summertime green.

Water Temp 81˚-84˚ Main Lake, 83˚-87˚ River Arms

Current Pool: 917.00’, Current Lake Level: 917.11’

Generation: Overall generation goes from heavy flow to light flow


Weather Conditions

Friday June 24, 2022

Hot with sunshine and patchy clouds

Temp: Hi 95˚ Low 73˚

Wind: SSE 7-12 mph

Go into any river arm and catch the end of the fish in the bushes. They are positioned on the outside edges due to water being pulled. Use baits that look like bluegill. Bulky and heavy baits like jigs and tubes seem to be the best. Do not hesitate to swim the baits on the outside edges of the bushes as well.

Check out the Cricket Creek Map for likely locations

Saturday June 25, 2022

Mostly sunny, hot and humid

Temp: Hi 98˚ Low 75˚

Wind: SW 7-20 mph

If you find some suspended fish offshore there are two good options. One is a drop shot rig the other is a slab spoon. It is day-to-day as to which one they prefer, but both have been effective. These offshore fish are still somewhat shallow maybe over 30’ water. Look for areas with shad along main lake points. These are not the biggest fish in the lake but they are active fish and once you find an active school you can catch a lot of fish quickly.

Check out the Rice Camp Map for likely locations

Sunday June 26, 2022


Not as hot but pleasant with sun and some clouds

Temp: Hi 88˚ Low 65˚

Wind: N 8-20 mph

There is a good offshore bite taking place right now. On main lake gravel points use a Jewel Pee Wee football jig. This has been the bait to use right now. The fish are generally starting the day 10’-15’ then as the day progresses going to 20’-25’ deep. Start with the boat in 20’ of water and cast shallow and drag it back. This bite is best when they are generating water but there are fish in these areas consistently. Also do not be afraid to try a Carolina rig, this is a sleeper good way to catch fish right now.

Check out the Point 19 Map for likely locations

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