Thursday, November 24th
Mist - Wind: 4.61 Mph
51.1 °F

11/24/22 Boat WrX Weekend Fishing Forecast

The BoatWrx Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast

Water Conditions
Clarity: Overall the lake is clear to very clear. There are parts of the river arms that have a slight stain.
Water Temp 56˚-58˚ Main Lake, 55˚-57˚ River Arms
Current Pool: 917.00’, Current Lake Level: 909.13’
Generation: Generation is at minimal flow most of the time, with periods of moderate flow.
With the lake being low be aware of underwater hazards like trees and islands.
Weather Conditions

Friday November 25, 2022
Mostly cloudy
Temp: Hi 54˚ Low 35˚
Wind NNE 7-14 mph
The wart/crawler bite it strong. It seems to be better in the river arms than the main lake. Plan on covering plenty of water and use the wind to your advantage. If you get one bite in an area there should be a couple of more. Look for steeper banks with a good mix of larger chunk rock, or banks with good ledge rock also check channel swings. Those are the three key types of banks where the fish seem to be the most congregated.

Check out the Sweetwater Map for likely locations

Saturday November 26, 2022
Cloudy and cooler; a shower in the morning followed by periods of rain in the afternoon
Temp: Hi 45˚ Low 42˚
Wind: SE 7-21 mph
The deep bite is improving by the day, but it varies by the day. Look in larger creek arms throughout the
lower end of the lake. The fish can be in one area one day and gone the next. Use electronics to find
larger schools of shad. Once the shad are found use a drop-shot, Scope Spin or Daimiki rig to get bites.
The most active schools of fish will be the ones feeding on groups of threadfin shad.

Check out the Beardsley Map for likely locations

Sunday November 27, 2022
Partial sunshine
Temp: Hi 47˚ Low 31˚
Wind: W 8-22 mph
This is the right time to throw a glide bait. It seems 6”-7” glidebaits have been better than larger or
smaller ones at this time. Look in larger creek arms on the in the clearer water end of the lake. Focus on
banks with standing timber and chunk or ledge rock banks. This requires a good bit of searching but with
the water level lower it’s an easier search. Position the boat on the outside edge of the timber and cast
the bait to the bank. Focus a little more when you get near a cedar tree and fish all the way to back to
the end of the creek. The bite can be anywhere but if you get a follower or a bite stay focused because
more than one bite will happen. A slower retrieve versus a wide hard glide is seems better as the water
temperatures fall.

Check out the Mill Creek Map for likely locations

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