Wednesday, November 16th
Scattered Clouds - Wind: 15.01 Mph
39.3 °F

12/31/20 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast Brought to you by Boat WrX

Water Conditions


Clarity: clear

Water Temp: 49˚-51˚ Main Lake, 45˚-48˚ River Arms

Lake Level: 913.7’

Generation: minimal, lake slightly rising 


Weather Conditions

Friday January 1, 2021

Rain and snow showers mostly cloudy

Temp: Hi 43˚ Low 28˚

Wind: S 7-10 mph

This is setting up to be a classic jerkbait day. South wind overcast and snow. Look for transition banks in the larger creek arms or in the rivers. Use a short pause and expect the bite on the pause

Check Out the Cedar Cove Map for likely locations


Saturday January 2, 2021

Snow, sleet and freezing rain at time in the morning then cloudy.

Temp: Hi 36˚ Low 27˚

Wind: NW 6-8 mph

Find the shad balls in the deeper creeks. The will be in water 40’-80’ the suspended fish should be 30-50’ deep in the trees. Use a swimbait on a retrieve that it steady but slow. If you see the shad getting pushed by fish let the bait get below the fish. The best chance for a hook up is when multiple fish are actively chasing shad.

Check out the Whites Branch Map for likely locations

Sunday January 3, 2021

Mostly sunny

Temp: Hi 50˚ Low 33˚

Wind: SW 7-10 mph

There are a few fish starting to bite the A-rig. Look for mixed rock deeper and steeper banks with trees on them. The fish will be suspended 25’-35’ in the trees 35’-50’ deep. Cast the bait well beyond the tree let it sink to proper depth and use a steady and slow retrieve through the trees. There are not a lot a fish on this pattern but they are better quality fish.

Check out the Lower Big Creek Map for likely locations

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