Monday, November 21st
Clear Sky - Wind: 4.61 Mph
56.6 °F

2/11/21 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast brought to you by BoatWrx

Water Conditions


Clarity: clear, slight stain in the river arms

Water Temp: 41˚-43˚ Main Lake, 40˚-42˚ River Arms

Lake Level: 914.9’

Generation: steady


Prepare for extreme cold weather and water for ice formations in protected areas

Table Rock Fishing Intel does not suggest or recommend anyone go fishing in these extreme temperatures, this forecast is given as a guide if someone should decide to do so. If you are going to fish this weekend we highly recommend wearing a PFD and appropriate clothing the entire time you are on the water. Be aware road, ramp and dock conditions are poor at best right now and will likely deteriorate throughout the weekend.  STAY SAFE


Weather Conditions

Friday February 12, 2021

Mostly cloudy and cold

Temp: Hi 26˚ Low 12˚

Wind: NNE 8-12 mph

Avoid areas where cold and stained water is coming into lake. Focus more on main lake areas with a grub or swimbait. Also look for a shad to be dying as the water temperatures continue to fall. If a few shad are found doing the “death spiral” fish those areas with the grub and swimbait. The fish are scattered and moving keep the boat in 30-40’ feet of water.

Check out the Spring Branch Map for Likely Locations

Saturday February 13, 2021

Cloudy and cold

Temp: Hi 19˚ Low 7˚

Wind: NNE 8-12 mph

Key in on main lake bluff end with an A-rig. Also look for tree tops with where fish may be suspended. Stay with the A-rig the bites will be few and far between but could be good quality fish. The fish could be from 20-50’ deep with boat sitting in as much as 60-70’ of water.

Check out the Jackson Hollow Map for Likely Locations

Sunday February 14, 2021

Cloudy and cold with a chance of snow (frostbite is possible to skin exposed for 15 minutes)

Temp: Hi 12˚ Low 3˚

Wind: NNE 9-13 mph

If the snow starts to fall this could be a great time to throw a jerkbait. The thick cloud cover will move the fish a bit more shallow and they will eat a jerkbait. Look for warmer water in spring fed creek arms and key on channel swings and bluff ends The fish will be over 20-30’ of water so keep the boat about 35’ deep.

Check out the Lower Big Creek Map for Likely Locations


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