Monday, November 21st
Clear Sky - Wind: 4.61 Mph
56.6 °F

2/18/21 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast Brought to You By Boat WrX

Water Conditions


Clarity: clear, slight stain in the river arms

Water Temp: 39˚-41˚ Main Lake, Frozen in River Arms

Lake Level: 914.18’ ˅

Generation: moderate


Be aware of ice on the lake.


Weather Conditions

Friday February 19, 2021

Mostly cloudy and cold 

Temp: Hi 33˚ Low 13˚

Wind: WSW 5-8 mph

This could be a tough fishing day. Focus on main lake areas with a grub, swimbait or A-rig. If a widespread shad kill is found leave that area and look for areas with fewer dead shad. Some dead shad is a good thing too many is a bad thing. The most stable fish during this cold snap will be the deeper fish. Key on bluff ends and fish slowly. Position the boat in 50-60’ of water then adjust based on fish depth. In these same areas do not be afraid to try a float and fly.

Check Out The State Park Map for likely areas

Saturday February 20, 2021

Partly sunny and cold

Temp: Hi 40˚ Low 25˚

Wind: S 6-9 mph

As the ice melts and there is more water open the jerkbait bite will improve. Look for steeper banks or and channel swing banks where the fish will push shallower as the ice melts. Fish the jerkbait slow but watch electronics to see how the fish react to the bait. Keep the boat 30’ deep and cast to the bank.  

Check out the Spring Branch Map for likely locations

Sunday February 21, 2021

Mostly cloudy and cold with a chance of showers

Temp: Hi 39˚ Low 22˚

Wind: S 7-10 mph

This could be the day to throw a wiggle wart or rock crawler. This is the second day of a south wind. That will do a couple of things help break up more ice faster, position fish better and bring warmer air. Look for 45˚ degree chunk rock banks. Use natural colored crankbaits in clearer water. Fish the bait extremely slow. Also use a drag technique to help fish the bait slower. Try to find areas where there are fewer shad doing the “death spiral” or “spin off” and keep the bait moving slow pinned to the bottom.  

Check Out the Lower James and Wolf Pen Map for likely locations

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