Monday, November 21st
Clear Sky - Wind: 4.61 Mph
56.6 °F

2/4/21 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast brought to you by Boat WrX

Water Conditions


Clarity: clear, slight stain in the river arms

Water Temp: 43˚-45˚ Main Lake, 45˚-48˚ River Arms

Lake Level: 915.9’

Generation: steady


Weather Conditions

Friday February 5, 2021

Partly sunny

Temp: Hi 48˚ Low 32˚

Wind: WSW 8-14 mph

Fish are scattered. When the sun is out fish channel swing banks with a jig. Fish slow and keep the bait on the bottom. It is a non-existent bite, if it feels weird set the hook. The fish are 15-30’ deep. Be prepared to hop around to continue to catch fish. Position the boat in the about 35’ feet of water. 

Check out the Lower Aunts Creek Map for likely locations

Saturday February 6, 2021

Dreary with afternoon rain

Temp: Hi 47˚ Low 27˚

Wind: SSE 6-9 mph

This is looking like a great winter day to fish a jerkbait. The thick cloud cover will move the fish a bit more shallow and they will eat a jerkbait. Channel swings, bluff ends and longer stretches of bank with ledge rock are all areas where a fish will positon. The fish will be over 20-30’ of water so keep the boat about 35’ deep. In these same areas a small swimbait will catch a fish or two.

 Check out the Lower James and Wolf Pen Map for likely locations

Sunday February 7, 2021

Low clouds not as cool

Temp: Hi 56˚ Low 34˚

Wind: S 9-13 mph

There is an A-rig bite on bluff ends and in the tree tops. Key on areas with standing timber in 50’ of water and fish the A-rig through the top of the tree. If you find shad in the area that will help but due to water generation fluctuations the shad are adjusting daily.

Check out the Whites Branch Map for likely locations

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