Tuesday, November 15th
Broken Clouds - Wind: 9.22 Mph
36.6 °F

3/18/21 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast brought to you by Boat Wrx

Water Conditions


Clarity: clear, stain in the river arms

Water Temp: 50˚-54˚ Main Lake, 48˚-55˚ River Arms

Lake Level: 917.60’ ˄

Generation: light


Weather Conditions

Friday March 19, 2021

Times of clouds and sun

Temp: Hi 55˚ Low 30˚

Wind: NNE 8-13 mph

This is a typical spring post front day. Usually this would be a good try a jig where channel swings flatten out. However with the clouds and wind cover lots of water with a Wiggle Wart or Rock Crawler. Fish 45˚mixed rock banks that have wind on them. Also check secondary points, fish are moving and this is where they should be positioned. Look for water that has some stain. Keep the boat in 12-14’ of water and cast towards the bank the fish should be in 6-10’ of water.

Check out the Piney Creek Map for likely locations

Saturday March 20, 2021

Plenty of sunshine

Temp: Hi 57˚ Low 39˚

Wind: ESE 6-9 mph

With the clear sunny day target fish near the bottom. Slow roll an A-rig in the middle of guts near secondary points or channel swing banks. This is the spot to catch a big fish. Use a finesse jig on 45˚mixed rock banks or channel swings. Position the boat in 20’ of water and cast to about 5’ of water.

Check out the Perkins Hollow Map for likely locations

Sunday March 21, 2021

Mostly sunny

Temp: Hi 64˚ Low 44˚

Wind: SSE 8-13 mph

This is the second day of a warming trend, but in an effort to try something different key on gravel with a split-shot rig. The fish are beginning to move back into the creeks look for secondary points that are mixed gravel or little cuts and pockets with deep water close. Keep the boat in 20-25’ of water and cast to 5-10’ feet deep. The split-shot rig should trigger a good number of bites and this could be a sneaky way to catch a quality fish.


Check out the Lower Schooner and Fisher Creek Maps for likely locations

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