Tuesday, November 15th
Broken Clouds - Wind: 9.22 Mph
36.6 °F

4/1/21 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast brought to you by Boat Wrx

Water Conditions


Clarity: clear, stain in the river arms

Water Temp: 49˚-52˚ Main Lake, 55˚-59˚ River Arms

Lake Level: 915.91’ ˅

Generation: Moderate


Weather Conditions

Friday April 2, 2021

Plenty of sunshine

Temp: Hi 63˚ Low 39˚

Wind: SSE 8-12 mph

Post front and the first day after the wind shift. Keep the bait on the bottom and fish slowly. Scrub a grub or a swimbait in water that is clear. In the dirty water throw a finesse jig. The fish could be a little off after the colder nights and the chilly north wind, but they didn’t leave. They will still be shallow just not as aggressive. Look on the inside of secondary points. Also really key in on gravel pockets and cuts, make sure to fish the guts.

Check out the Upper Cow Creek Map for likely locations

Saturday April 3, 2021

Mostly sunny, pleasant and warmer

Temp: Hi 73˚ Low 44˚

Wind: SSW 8-13 mph

With back-to-back days having south in the wind and bright sun get out the wiggle wart or rock crawler and cover water. Go to windy banks with a mixed rock. This is the day to just cover water—clear or dirty does not matter. Put the trolling motor down and go. Position the boat in roughly 12’ of water and cast at a 45˚ angle to the bank. If your bait isn’t banging into rocks don’t expect to get bit. Move the bait steady and slow.

Check out the Piney Creek Map for likely locations

Sunday April 4, 2021

Mostly sunny, nice and warm

Temp: Hi 79˚ Low 49˚

Wind: SW 7-10 mph

There could be two ways to fish on this day. One way to get bites is to go the gravel and throw a split shot or shakey head. These will probably be male bass that are starting to move up. Fish the bait as shallow at 5’ and out to 15’ deep. The second way is to throw a spinnerbait or chatterbait in dirtier water. Most of the dirty water has been pulled out of the backs of the creeks, but it should position the fish shallow. Any type of shallow cover will position the fish if they are there they will be aggressive.

Check Out the Deer Bluff Map of likely locations

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