Friday, September 24th
Clear Sky - Wind: 0 Mph
52.1 °F

9/2/21 Weekend Fishing Forecast

The BoatWrx Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast

Water Conditions


Clarity: The overall lake is clear with some areas of slight or summertime green stain

Water Temp 83˚-86˚ Main Lake, 83˚-86˚ River Arms

Current Pool: 917.00, Current Lake Level: 916.27’ slowly falling

Generation: Several hours of per day of light generation, the lake is slowly falling.


Weather Conditions

Friday September 3, 2021

Sunshine and patchy clouds with a thunderstorm in the afternoon

Temp: Hi 88˚ Low 73˚

Wind: SSE 6-8 mph

There are big numbers of spotted and largemouth bass to be caught fishing deep right now. There are not a lot of big fish caught on this pattern. The two best ways to catch fish using a drop-shot rig or the small swimbait. One is to find the thermocline, it’s between 27’-32’ deep. The other is to look for the cables at the end of the bigger docks. These are the cables that go the deadmen in the deeper water. The fish will position below the cable. The key depth for these fish seems to be 24’ deep. Use a drop shot or the small swimbait to catch these fish.

Check out the Point 1 Map for likely locations

Saturday September 4, 2021

Mostly cloudy and more humid with a thunderstorm

Temp: Hi 87˚ Low 67˚

Wind: WSW 7-10 mph

This could be a good day to cover lots of water with a topwater bait. Look for the steeper banks from 45 degree to bluff banks that also have some ledge rock or bigger rock under the water. The lake is below pool and slowly falling. This is pulling the fish out on these ledges and to the bigger rock in a little deeper water. The topwater bite will last all day long but be prepared to grind to get the bites. There can be a lot of casts between bites then it just happens. There are quality fish to be caught doing this all day long and the fish are really attacking these baits.

Check out the Cedar Cove Map for likely locations

Sunday August 29, 2021


Not as warm but pleasant with periods of clouds and sunshine

Temp: Hi 75˚ Low 60˚

Wind: WNW 5-7 mph

The football jig bite is around but seems to be better in the lower end of the lake. The fish are surprisingly shallow for this time of the year. Early in the day they can be in 5’ of water. As the day progresses they will get out deeper. For fish 15’ deep or less use the Jewel pee wee football jig. Once the fish get out deeper than 15’ switch to the Jewel football jig. You can catch fish as deep as 30’. Look for gravel to mixed rock points that gradually get deeper. If they are pulling water fish the downstream side of the point. The fish are hot and mean you have to set the hook hard and really get turning that handle to the get the fish to the boat. It’s a very light bite.

Check out the State Park Map8928 for likely locations

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