Tuesday, October 19th
Clear Sky - Wind: 8.05 Mph
65.9 °F

9/23/21 Weekend Fishing Forecast

The BoatWrx Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast

Water Conditions


Clarity: The overall lake is clear with some stain in creek and river arms

Water Temp 79˚-83˚ Main Lake, 78˚-83˚ River Arms

Current Pool: 917.00, Current Lake Level: 915.42’ steady and slow fall

Generation: A couple of hours of per day of light generation


Be prepared for morning fog with the cooler temperatures.


Weather Conditions

Friday September 24, 2021

Partly sunny and nice

Temp: Hi 82˚ Low 54˚

Wind: SSW 6-9 mph

The topwater bite is still happening. It is getting more hit or miss. Wind is the key make if the wind is blowing fish those banks. The fish could be on steeper or flatter banks the wind and shad really dictate where the fish are located. Do not be afraid to continue to throw the topwater well into the afternoon. If you find what type of bank the fish are relating to that should be replicated to other parts of the lake. Move the bait quickly to trigger aggressive strikes.

Check out the Jakes Branch Map for likely locations

Saturday September 25, 2021

Mostly sunny and nice

Temp: Hi 80˚ Low 58˚

Wind: N 5-7 mph

Here is a little one-two dock combo. Pitch a jig around docks. Some of the big boats in the bigger dock slips have been removed opening up more areas under the big docks to fish. With the jig fish the back side or shallow side of the docks around the walkway floats and cables. If there are fish on the shallow side they will eat a jig. As a secondary or back up approach use the Jewel scuba spoon

Check out the Lower Schooner and Fisher Creek Map for likely locations

Sunday September 26, 2021


Very warm and plenty of sunshine

Temp: Hi 87˚ Low 63˚

Wind: SSW 7-10 mph

There is a spinnerbait and or a chatterbait bite starting to develop, but wind is needed. The more wind the better. This is another tactic that requires covering a lot of water during the day. With the lake being down a bit there is not a lot of wood cover in the water. By starting this pattern early in the day use the low light and windblown banks to catch shallow aggressive fish. Also target the backs of creeks where laydowns are present. As that bite begins to end later in the morning begin using a big worm or football jig in brushpiles anywhere from 12’-20’ deep. The worm bite is nearing an end but either that or a football jig will catch quality fish.

Check out the Campers Point Map for likely locations

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