Friday, September 24th
Clear Sky - Wind: 0 Mph
49.9 °F

9/9/21 Boat WrX Weekend Fishing Forecast

The BoatWrx Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast

Water Conditions


Clarity: The overall lake is clear with some areas of slight stain

Water Temp 82˚-85˚ Main Lake, 83˚-86˚ River Arms

Current Pool: 917.00, Current Lake Level: 916.02’ steady and slow fall

Generation: Several hours of per day of light generation


Weather Conditions

Friday September 10, 2021

Pleasant with plenty of sunshine

Temp: Hi 88˚ Low 62˚

Wind: S 6-8 mph

The football jig bite is improving quickly from week to week. The fish are surprisingly shallow for this time of the year. Early in the day they can be in 5’ of water. As the day progresses they will get out deeper. For fish 15’ deep or less use the Jewel pee wee football jig. Once the fish get out deeper than 15’ switch to the Jewel football jig. You can catch fish as deep as 30’. Look for gravel to mixed rock points that gradually get deeper. If they are pulling water fish the downstream side of the point. Be prepared for the fish to swim right at you after the hookset so get moving the handle fast and try to prevent the fish from jumping.

Check Out the Mill Creek Map for likely locations

Saturday September 11, 2021

Very warm with plenty of sunshine

Temp: Hi 92˚ Low 65˚

Wind: SW 7-10 mph

We are in the final phase of the late green sunfish spawn so put on your topwater bait and cover water. With the lake slowly falling it is positioning the fish well to eat the topwater baits. Plan on covering a lot water but be prepared for a bite at any time. Key on steeper banks from 45 degree to bluff banks that also have some ledge rock or bigger rock under the water. If you see sunfish or bluegill very shallow that is all the better to get bites. With the lake slowly falling this is positioning these fish on ledges and bigger rock in just a little deeper water. Make lots of casts and cover lots of water but always be ready for a strike. There are quality fish to be caught doing this all day long and the fish are really attacking these baits.

Check out the Point 19 Map for likely locations

Sunday September 12, 2021


Partly sunny and hot

Temp: Hi 93˚ Low 65˚

Wind: SW 7-9 mph

With pleasure boat traffic dropping and this being such a hot day look for fish to be around the docks. Use a Jewel scuba spoon and pitch it to open stalls of docks. This is an all or nothing type of deal. If you find a dock that has fish and you get bit you can catch several on one dock. However you can go to several docks and get no bites. Once you find the fish catch them and continue to hunt for more docks with fish. This bite gets better as the day progresses. Use a small heavy spoon to get the reaction bite of these active fish.

Check out the Beardsley Map for likely locations

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