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Mid lake great fishing

Daily Fishing Log For March 28, 2020

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date March 28, 2020 Air Temp Low 60’s Current Generation Medium
Fisherman Jason Bills Water Temp 58.4
Hours Fished 7.00 Sky Cloudy Water Clarity Clean
Fishing Overall Good Wind Strong
Fish Caught
Total Caught Total Keepers
13 9
Size/Weight (Pounds)
Baits Used
Keepers Other Fish
A-rig with blades A-rig & underspin
Bait Colors
Keepers Other Fish
Bluegill flash/ sexy shad keitech’s 2.8/3.3 Same
Fished from Kimberling bridge east to Coney Island.  A-rig slow slow roll back twitching and pausing it. Started retrieve slow giving twitches every few cranks, after a twitch I would pause and they would hit it while it was falling or when I started the retrieve again.  Swimbait with underspin was great around the deeper ends of docks same retrieve as the A-rig.  I found good size schools of shad in the backs of small coves and got bit better around the shad but not necessary.
Fishing Notes

Kept the boat in about 18-20 FOW casting toward the back of the cove or parallel to the dock. The wind was blowing into the back of the coves. Caught 1 largemouth 3lb 10oz on underspin 4 Kentucky’s, the rest were smallmouth. The bite was easy to detect, they were hitting hard and fast.

Photos of the Day

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