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NYFA (Teen) Tournament

Daily Fishing Log For August 30, 2021

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date August 30, 2021 Air Temp high 80s, pop-up shower late morning cooled things down a bit Current Generation Minimum
Fisherman Austin and Nathan Vanek Water Temp 86
Hours Fished 6.5 Sky Partly Cloudy Water Clarity Clean
Fishing Overall Good Wind Light
Fish Caught
Total Caught Total Keepers
12 5
Size/Weight (Pounds)
Baits Used
Keepers Other Fish
Jewel PeeWee, Keitech 3.3 drop shot
Bait Colors
Keepers Other Fish
PB/J, Touchdown, Crystal Shad watermelon red flake finesse worm
Fun day of fishing the Table Rock NYFA tournament.  My two older sons placed 4th with a solid limit of fish including a 4.89# kicker largemouth, and my 8th grader weighed his first fish in his first tournament ever fishing on another team boat.  The boys located the fish the evening before on the electronics in 25-28' of water on main lake gravel point and made their game plan to get back on them the next morning.  All of the fish weighed came from that 1 group of fish on a point between Kimberling City bridge and Mill Creek.  There were no brush piles or larger rocks associated with the point at all, the boys did not snag a bait the entire day of fishing.  The fish wanted more action from the jig trailer early (paca craw green pumpkin with yellow tips) and more subtle later (Zoom speed craw watermelon red).  I was proud of the boys who found the fish themselves and were patient and got the bites they needed to succeed, but admit I nearly had a heart attack when the kicker jumped and completely cleared the water about 30 feet from the boat on 6# line.  I wish I did my job better as boat captain, despite ice, constant aeration, G-Juice and fizzing, we lost 1 smallmouth in the live well which cost the boys 2nd place in the tournament.  Many thanks to Table Rock Fishing Intel and Eric (who we have fished with before), without these detailed reports we would have had no idea how to catch fish in this beautiful lake which is 4 hours away from our home.  Great site guys!!!
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