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Post Spawn Top Water Action

April 23, 2020

There are two reasons for the Table Rock Top Water baits this week. The post spawn means topwater...

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Keys to Sight fishing

April 12, 2020

Very few fish catching techniques cause as much of a debate as sight fishing. Opinions frame both sides...

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Flood Water and The Old Bank Line

April 4, 2020

Rising water on Table Rock Lake the last 10-15 years has become the norm, making the ability to...

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Pre-Spawn Part 2: Lures and Techniques

March 25, 2020

In the first article in this series we discussed pre-spawn locations, in this article will discuss the lures...

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“The Head” (aka Shaky Head)

March 24, 2020

Table Rock has long been known for its deep, clear water, and with that brings challenges. However, these...

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The Split-Shot Rig—Worth a Second Look

March 19, 2020

The split-shot rig has been a spring-time mainstay on Table Rock because of how the bait was presented...

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Pre-Spawn Part 1: Locations

March 9, 2020

Pre-Spawn; Locations Pre-Spawn is characterized by longer days, warming water and bass migration toward the shallows in preparation...

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Jewel Gem Shad 2.0

February 11, 2020

The New Jewel Gem Shad 2.0 is a smaller version of the already popular Jewel Gem Shad. Designed...

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Shaky Head

January 29, 2020

If I had to choose one lure to use for fishing year round at Table Rock, it would...

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Fishing Flats

January 29, 2020

Take a look at a map of Table Rock and you will see literally hundreds of coves from...

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