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5/22/20 Current Boat Ramp Report at 12:00 Noon (Subject to Change)

Here are the current boat ramp conditions as of noon on 5/22/20.

Please note an additional 4″ of rain fell overnight across the area, the run off from this rain fall will not make it to the lake until sometime over the next 24 – 48 hours. Also, it is currently still raining with a total storm forecast of 5″ – 6″ of total rain fall for the area.

While these are the current conditions, the additional rain fall will make many of the ramps inaccessible by tomorrow morning.

Turn around Don’t Drown

Lower End:

Cricket Creek: Flooded, ramp is under water but you can launch from the parking lot and will have to beach your boat on the lot and wade due to how flat the lot and ramp are.

Long Creek: Accessible, very limited parking and a large amount of debris around the ramp, courtesy dock is inaccessible

Old 86: CLOSED

State Park: Open and accessible, parking is fine but may be limited as water rises.

Moonshine Beach: Open and accessible, parking is fine but will be limited as water rises. (Courtesy dock is likely inaccessible)

Indian Point: Open very limited parking

 Mid Lake:

Cow Creek: Open, no courtesy dock access, you will have to beach your boat on the ramp.

Port of Kimberling: Open, parking is limited to lots on top of the hill, courtesy dock may not be accessible

Mill Creek: Open, very limited parking, courtesy dock inaccessible

Joe Bald: Basically closed. Launch from the roadway in the park, limited turn around and parking, no dock.

James River:

Aunt’s Creek: Upper ramp only, limited parking courtesy dock likely inaccessible

Cape Fair: Open as of now, roadway to the park may flood, Limited parking and courtesy dock accessibility

White River:

Baxter: Launch from Upper parking lot, water possibly over roadway in park, no courtesy dock

Big Indian Park: Launch from parking lot, no courtesy dock, water possibly over roadway at park entrance

Big Creek: Launch from parking lot, extremely limited parking

Campbell Point: Launch from parking lot, wade to launch and beach on lot no courtesy dock

Shell Knob Bridge: Launch from parking lot, limited parking, limited access to courtesy dock, likely will have no access to dock and launch from upper lot soon

Viola: Launch from roadway, no courtesy dock, large amount of debris in and around launch

Sweetwater: Basically closed, launch from road, very limited access and turn around.

Viney: Launch from roadway, no courtesy dock, beach on lot limited to no parking

Big M: Launch from lot, wade to launch, no courtesy dock, beach on lot. Likely inaccessible by morning

Eagle Rock: Closed

Please note all conditions subject to Change due to current storm rainfall

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