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Wide spread rain fall bringing Table Rock Lake level up

10/26/20 Springfield, MO:

With rainfall amounts of 1.5″ to 2.25″ since midnight and rain forecast to continue to fall through Wednesday it appears Table Rock Lake will get a shot of fresh water over the next few days.

Although southwest Missouri has been experiencing drought conditions over the past three months, the influx of heavy rain has already resulted in run off pouring into the streams and rivers that feed Table Rock. At 4:00 pm on 10/26/20 the James River has risen almost a foot and is expected to rise another two feet once the run off makes it’s way from the feeder creeks.

This is not expected to be a flood event, the watershed certainly needs the rain and while there is run off heading to the lake the lake should only rise a foot or two by the weekend if the Corps of Engineers doesn’t take action to lower the water level based on inflow.

The inflowing cold water is good news for anglers; the increased oxygen and cooler temperatures should get the shad moving and  in turn the bass moving and make fishing much better in the coming weeks.

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