Tuesday, January 18th
Overcast Clouds - Wind: 4 Mph
57.5 °F

Current Ice Situation on Table Rock

We’ve been getting reports and done a little driving to check the current ice cover situation on Table Rock, please note this is a changing situation and we will do our best to update this as more info comes in, here is what we have heard and found:

Kings River:

Ice covered to below Hickory Hollow and spreading down stream, most of the creeks are ice covered toward the back

HWY 86 Bridge on the Kings
Kings Below Hickory Hollow


James River / Flat Creek

Flat creek is completely ice covered, the James is open at Point 15 but the ice is closing in from above and flat creek. Most of the larger creeks have some ice cover towards the backs

Point 15 from Flat Creek
Flat Creek Bridge

Long Creek

Ice above Cricket and ice in most of the creeks and pockets toward the back.


Main Lake

Clear with some ice in the back of creeks, mostly on the shore and around boat docks

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