Sunday, March 5th
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How High will Table Rock get?

Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas has received widespread rainfall over the past 36 hours totaling anywhere from 1.75″ to 2.65″. Flood watches and warnings have been in place but are now being lifted. Whenever the area gets this much rain in this short of a period of time the dams and reservoirs in the area are called upon to perform their primary function, control and holdback the flood waters.

Anglers don’t want to see people suffer from flooding but we always want to know one thing: How high is the lake going to get?

Looking at the latest forecast from Corps of Engineers they are predicting Table Rock Lake will crest at 918.35′ above see level, almost four feet above normal pool, on Sunday March 5, 2023.

Looks like it’s time to run some creeks and look for fish in the run off and the bushes!

Please note the rivers will be full of debris with the Kings River cresting 14′ higher than it was before the rain, the James 10′ cresting higher and Long Creek cresting 10′ higher. Much of that debris will make it’s way down lake over the next week or so, be cautious and alert when running the rivers and lake.

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