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11/20/22 Catch em all baits

Tournament Results On November 20, 2022

General Information
Date November 20, 2022 Reporter
Number of Boats Location Cape Fair
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 52 Sky Sunny
Air Temperature 32-42 Generation Min
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Blair Cox/Grant Dohle 5 17.25
2nd Place Kevin Holloway/Rhonda Williams 5 16.85
3rd Place Kyle and Kelly Power 5 14.04
Biggest Fish Award
1st Place Biggest Fish Winner Name Biggest Fish Weight
Kevin Holloway/Rhonda Williams 4.27
Tournament Notes

11/20/22 results
73 fish caught and released

Blair Cox/Grant Dohle 17.25
Kevin Holloway/Rhonda Williams 16.85
Kelly/Kyle Power 14.02
Nick Kennedy/Grant Renken 12.40
Charlie/Trebor Stark 12.09
Chad Morgenthaler/Dave Mansue 10.88
Chet VanGundy 10.39

1st Big Bass- Kevin Holloway/Rhonda Williams 4.27
2nd Big Bass- Chet VanGundy

Great job guys and gals!
Next tournament December 4th
Thanks to all our sponsors!

Tournament Photos

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