Eric Prey
Eric has been a guide on Table Rock since the early 1990s. Through this history of fishing the lake, he has become one of the best guides at finding fish during all seasons of the year. He has deep knowledge of finesse fishing on Table Rock Lake and remains at the forefront of using fishing electronics technology to locate and catch fish. One of his secrets to success is designing and changing baits to fit a specific need to catch more fish. He is at his best on Table Rock during the fall, but just before and just after the spawn, Eric has a real knack for finding fast changing fish. He fishes some tournaments on Table Rock and has won several events over the years. He is noticeable on the water by his wrapped boat.


Phil Stone
Phil learned Table Rock Lake from some of the greatest anglers to fish Table Rock Lake. He took that information and built on it by mastering his own fishing skill. He was one of the early adopters of using unique finesse tactics to catch fish. He has strong insight to the seasonal patterns of the lake and knows when it’s time to adjust. He has been a guide on Table Rock since the early 2000s. Phil is at his best in the early spring with a Wiggle Wart in his hands. He has won several tournaments on Table Rock.


Pete Leonard
Pete is the guy who just loves to fish and is at home on the water every day. As a guide on Table Rock, he does both bass and crappie trips. Without question, he is the best crappie angler on Table Rock Lake. As crappie fishing has grown in popularity on Table Rock, Pete has been the angler leading the way. He has a very simple approach to crappie fishing: Use one bait and find new fish. Pete can idle into a location and know in seconds if the crappie will bite. He owns 8’er Baits with his dad and fishes tournaments with Phil Stone. Pete runs the Moonshine Beach Night Tournament in the summer.


Sean Nicodemus
Sean has had a house on the lake for years and upon retirement, he became a guide. He lives on the King’s River and is a master at catching King’s River fish. He is at his best just after the spawn, especially with a topwater or a Pee Wee football jig. Sean has been guiding since 2018 and helps local high school bass clubs with their tournaments. He also has a fast-growing custom rod business.


Bryan Badock
Upon graduating from University of Missouri where he fished on the college fishing team, Bryan decided to be a guide on Table Rock. He is one of the young up and coming anglers on the lake. He lives in Kimberling City and fishes the mid-lake spots daily. He has been guiding since 2020 and has steadily grown his business. He also provides some of the most detailed fishing reports. As the youngest angler of the group, he provides energy and a bright outlook for the future of the sport. He fishes his best when fish are in brush piles, in the pre- and post-spawn stages.

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