Fishing Forecast

The Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast is designed to help maximize the time you spend on the lake with catching more fish. The fishing forecast is constructed using a mix of historical data, tournament results, weather patterns and general lake conditions. One of the biggest elements is using actual information from recent time on the water. This gives a general snapshot of some of the best ways to catch fish at that current time.

Extreme Outdoors Fishing Forecast


Extreme Outdoors Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast

Water Conditions


Clarity: Summertime stain in the rivers and clear on the main lake.

Water Temp 84˚-87˚ Main Lake, 84˚-87˚ River Arms

Current Pool: 917.00’, Current Lake Level: 917.05’

Generation: Short periods of heavy generation with long periods of minimal generation.


Weather Conditions

Friday June 28, 2024


Partly sunny and humid

Temp: Hi 90˚ Low 73˚

Wind: SSE 8-21 mph

The deep crankbait bite is rolling. It is best early and when water is being generated. This is a point deal. Just start picking points one point might have zero fish and then you find one that is loaded. Just plan on bouncing around until you find the right point. The closer you get to the rolloff or where deeper water is the better. This varies greatly if they are pulling water or not. If you can fish when they are generating water more points will have active fish, but you still must bounce around. The fish can be from 12’-24’ deep. Use a DD22, Fat Free Shad, or 10XD and it seems if there is chartreuse in the bait also try a bluegill-colored bait.


Saturday June 29, 2024


Very warm and humid with times of clouds and sun, a thunderstorm in the afternoon.

Temp: Hi 93˚ Low 69˚

Wind: WSW 7-10 mph

The flutter spoon is happening. This can be done in open water if the fish are active and suspended but this a very specific to be on the right location. There are fish on the docks. This bite is better at positioning the fish when they are pulling current. The fish will be more on the ends of the docks. If they are not pulling water key on open slips and the shade area around the docks. If people are using their dock try to find a quieter dock. The best colors seem to be chrome with chartreuse or white in the 5” size. The bite is better in clearer water.


Sunday June 30, 2024


Cloudy and not as hot and humid with a thunderstorm in spots

Temp: Hi 84˚ Low 65˚

Wind: W 7-10 mph

There seems to be a big worm bite coming on. This is working in the same areas as the deep crankbait and around brushpiles. Either Texas rig it or put in on a larger heavier shakey head. This is a very fun way to fish right now. The fish are roughly 15’-25’ deep and this bite is happening in any of the river arms. Key on points and bluff ends if they have brush all the better. If the bite is tough use a shakey head instead. For the big worm plum seems to be the color. Shakey head green pumpkin with a chartreuse tail.

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