Fishing Forecast

The Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast is designed to help maximize the time you spend on the lake with catching more fish. The fishing forecast is constructed using a mix of historical data, tournament results, weather patterns and general lake conditions. One of the biggest elements is using actual information from recent time on the water. This gives a general snapshot of some of the best ways to catch fish at that current time.

Extreme Outdoors Fishing Forecast


Extreme Outdoors Table Rock Lake Fishing Forecast 
Water Conditions

Clarity: Summertime stain in the rivers and clear on the main lake.
Water Temp 86˚-89˚ Main Lake, 86˚-89˚ River Arms
Current Pool: 917.00’, Current Lake Level: 916.68’
Generation: Short periods of afternoon generation with long periods of no generation.

Weather Conditions 
Friday July 5, 2024

Not as hot with lower humidity with periods of clouds and sun
Temp: Hi 82˚ Low 62˚
Wind: NW 7-16 mph
The summer big worm bite is getting better each day. The fish in the brush piles seem to be most responsive to the big worm. However the big worm works on the roll offs as well. These fish tend to be 12’-25’ deep in the brush piles. There are usually multiple fish per brush pile, but it can be difficult to catch multiple fish out of the same brush pile. Either Texas rig the worm in the brush and in open water put it on a magnum shaky head. Pick your favorite worm if it is 11”-14” in length. Plum, green pumpkin and Kentucky special are the colors of choice.

Saturday July 6, 2024

Partly sunny
Temp: Hi 86˚ Low 65˚
Wind: NNW 6-7 mph
The drop-shot at the ends of docks is a consistent bite right now. It happens best early in the morning and when they are pulling water.  If people are using the docks for fun activities, it does not help this bite. Look for the active fish near the cables at the end of the docks attached to the dead men. These fish are usually 15’-25’ deep and can be caught quickly. Use a shad shape worm in a shad color or the plum 4” drop-shot worm. If the fish do not react to the bait, immediately move to the next dock. When the sun gets high the fish move under the docks.

Sunday July 7, 2024

Intervals of clouds and sunshine
Temp: Hi 90˚ Low 66˚
Wind: SSE 6-14 mph
The deep crankbait bite is still strong and is best early in the day or when they are pulling water in the river arms. If you catch one fish multiple fish can be caught in the same spot. These fish tend to be aggressive. It is a day-to-day situation as to which points the fish are active on. If you don’t see fish on FFS or don’t get a bite quickly move on to the next point. There is nothing selective about which points have the fish on a given day. It can be the roll off, gravel or larger rock. It helps to have shad around. DD22, XD10 or Fat Free shad all seem to be best, and it needs to have chartreuse in the bait.

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