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Jewel Pee Wee Spider Jig HD First Look


We can't remember when we've anticipated the arrival of a lure as much as we have the Jewel Pee Wee Spider Jig HD. After three years in the making and marred by shipping and production delays due to Covid, The Pee Wee Spider Jig HD makes its debut on June 19, 2023. Since "we know a guy" we managed to get our hands on a few before the initial launch and so far, it seems it’s been worth the wait.

At first glance the jig is compact much like the super effective Jewel Pee Wee Football jig but there are some notable differences: 

  • The Head: unlike the Pee Wee Football jig the Pee Wee Spider Jig is built on the legendary Jewel Pro Spider Jig head. Designed with a contoured bottom the Pro Spider and the new Pee Wee Spider HD are specifically built to come through rocks and other cover where fish like to hide in highland reservoirs. The taper allows the jig to roll and come free where ball heads, Arky style heads and football heads hang up. 


  • The Brush Guard: The Pee Wee Football jig is more of an open water sparse cover tool; The Pee Wee Spider HD isn’t. It's designed to get down and dirty in brush, rocks, trees, docks and whatever else you have to throw at. The fiber weed guard in the Pee Wee Spider HD is firm enough to help you get it through but not so firm to impede a hookset. 


  • The Hook: One of our favorite things about the Pee Wee Football Jig is the hook; the sickle bend that cuts at 45 degrees and hooks like nobody's business. Take that hook and put it on steroids. The Pee Wee Spider HD features a cross-eyed design and sickle bend but in a much beefier wire so you can throw it on heavier line and stiffer rods. Bigger, Badder and Better best describes the hook.

We've had the jig a few days and have only had the opportunity to fish it one time but dude, it is money. Comes through rocks and other cover great, matched up with a Jewel Versa Craw or a speed craw it looks phenomenal and the ability to use heavier line and fish heavier cover made a big difference pitching to flooded wood up the James. We caught a handful of fish on it in a few hours and everyone was hooked solid and most of them "choked" it. 
In the next few weeks, we'll get back out there and throw it some more and get a better feel for how it will perform, but initially to quote Will Smith "I gotta get me one of these". 

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