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Catch 'em All Sunday Bass Tournament

Publish Date: 02/04/2024
Tournament Date: 02/04/2024
Location: Cape Fair
Place Angler(s) Keepers Weight
1st Place Mark Batdorf and Cater Williams 5 21.18
2nd Place Nick Lawler and Wyatt Marler 5 20.97
3rd Place Landon Edwards and Brack Beeks 5 20.89
Tournament Detail Organization Conditions The Biggest
Boats: 30
Days: 1
Times: 7:00 - 3:00
Waterway Location: Table Rock
Organization: Catch 'Em All Bait and Tackle
Location: Cape Fair
Water Temp: 47
Air Temp: 50
Sky Conditions: Rain
Current Conditions:
Biggest Fish Winner: Nick Lawler and Wyatt Marler
Biggest Fish: 6.85

30 boats today!
78 fish caught and released.
Great job guys/gals!
1st-Mike Batdorf/Carter Williams 21.18
2nd-Nick Lawler/Wyatt Marler 20.97 lbs
3rd-Landon Edwards/Brack Beeks 20.89 
4th-Grant Dohle/Brielle Helmer 14.65 lbs
5th-Mark Long/Carl Thompson 14.55 lbs
6th-Kevin Holloway/Mike Harrison 13.69
7th-Mike Sisco/Josh Kritch 12.79 lbs
8th-Jeremy Ealy/Mike Sutherland 12.15
1st Big Bass-Nick Lawler/Wyatt Marler 6.85 lbs
2nd Big Bass-Mike Batdorf/Carter Williams 5.89

1st Place Angler

Mark Batdorf and Cater Williams

1st Place Keepers: 5
1st Place Total Weight: 21.18
Mark Batdorf and Cater Williams

2nd Place Angler

Nick Lawler and Wyatt Marler

2nd Place Keepers: 5
2nd Place Total Weight: 20.97

3rd Place Angler

Landon Edwards and Brack Beeks

3rd Place Keepers: 5
3rd Place Total Weight: 20.89
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